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Who is the inventor of the phone?

Who is the inventor of the telephone, whose invention was a qualitative leap in his time, although people did not believe in his ability to make the machine for transmitting sounds between long distances, he was able to invent the telephone and obtain a patent for his invention and record his name in history,

from this point of view, we will shed light on you Through our following lines on the reference site on the story of the inventor of the telephone, we prepare you for the scientists who were credited with inventing the telephone, the reason for the invention of the telephone, and other inventions of Graham Bell and the importance of the invention of the telephone and Bell's scientific achievements.  

Who is the inventor of the phone?

The inventor of the telephone is the American inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Bell was born on March 3, 1847 AD in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then enrolled in the College of Anatomy and Physiology in London, a scientist with many inventions, most notably the telephone and the improvement of the phonograph, Bell was a teacher for the deaf, and his mother was deaf, which called his father to teach him the language of the deaf, and this affected him and chose to be a teacher for the deaf. Alexander worked within his career in my school for the deaf and at the American School for the Deaf and died in Canada in 1922 AD.

Scientists credited with inventing the telephone

Although the invention of the telephone is attributed to Alexander Graham Bell because he invented the telephone and obtained his first patent, many inventors contributed to its invention. ) in 1849, and in 1871 he made an announcement about the invention of his design for a talking telegraph, but his role in the invention of the telephone was overlooked, and on June 11, 2002, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring Miucci for his work, and Elisha Gray filed an application for a patent for the same-speaking telegraph The time that Graham Bell obtained the patent But Bell won the patent for the telephone on February 14, 1876 AD, and the US patent number was 174,465.

The reason for the invention of the telephone

After Bell joined the University of London to study anatomy and physiology, his family was cut off from him, at this time his parents moved to Canada in 1870, and this is because they lost two of their children to tuberculosis, and the reason their move was their insistence on saving their last son to leave England, This made Bell think about inventing the telephone, and although people did not believe this and promised that hearing someone's voice from the phone was impossible, he tried until he finally managed to invent it.

Other Inventions of Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell's creativity did not stop at the invention of the telephone only, but he had many inventions, the most prominent of which are:

  • Bell invented the machine that could clean wheat when he was eleven years old.
  • Contribute to aviation technology such as the Silver Plane.
  • Electric lead probe, this device is used in the discovery of metals and is also used in surgical use.
  • At the age of 75, he received a patent for the fastest hydrofoil ever invented. 

The importance of the invention of the telephone

The invention of the telephone was considered a quantum leap and a great industrial revolution because of its benefits to mankind and its impact on their lives. The invention of the telephone is of great importance to all aspects of human life, as its importance is represented in:

  • Communication with geographically distant people: Before the invention of the telephone, there was no way to communicate with geographically distant people other than travel, and this was causing people great misery and trouble and constituted material and health burdens for them, so the invention of the telephone was a link between people, and a means of communication between them. It made time, money, and effort easier for them.
  • Emergencies: The reason why Graham Bell thought of making the phone was the interruption of his family's news of him and because his two brothers died of tuberculosis and his parents emigrated to treat his brother from this disease, so Bell invented the phone to be used in such emergency cases to remedy the matter with the least possible losses, and as quickly as possible.
  • Shortening the time: Before the invention of the telephone, communication between people was through messages that needed a great deal of time to reach people, and the invention of the telephone came as the straw that saved the drowning and shortened the time for people to communicate with people.
  • A means of communication: The phone was a modern technology at the time, as it made it easier for people to communicate with others, and it became one of the most important means of social communication and was used in wars and military campaigns and served all areas of life.

Bell's Scientific Achievements

In addition to Bell's invention of many devices that greatly benefited people and made life easier for them, there are many scientific achievements of Bell which served humanity, and among these achievements, we will mention the following:


In the year 1880 AD, Graham Bell was awarded the Volta Prize by the French government, and this was a result of his achievements in electrical sciences, especially the invention of the telephone. Now this laboratory is located in the United States of America in Washington, where the Bell family lives, and the laboratory has become limited to acoustic and electrical research.


In the year 1880 AD, Bell and Tainter developed a device called “photophone”, a device designed to transmit sound on a beam of light, and in February of the same year they were able to successfully send a light message 200 meters between two buildings, and this invention was classified It is one of Bell's best inventions, and although this device was not commercially applicable, he was able to prove that a person can use light to transmit sound and harness it to serve humans, and this invention was considered a pioneer in the field of optical fibers and wireless communications.

Discovery of mines

In July 1881 AD, Bell and Tainter developed the electric lead probe, so that through his invention he could save the life of US President James Garfield due to being hit by a bullet, but after the probe was invented, they did not find the bullet and the president died of an infection, and some few weeks ago Bell presented the device In New York it was later produced commercially by Dr. John H. Girdner and came to be used by military surgeons in war.


Both Bell and his cousin Chichester A. Bell and Tinter played a role in the development of the graphophone. This contributed to the development of the phonograph, which was patented in the name of Thomas Edison in 1878 AD. The phonograph that Edison made had a cylinder covered with foil and a steel pen cut the groove. Bell and his companions used cylinders that were painted They replaced the solid stylus with a floating pen, and added an electric motor to it instead of Edison's hand crank, so it provided better recording than Edison's. The following year, the American Graphophone Company was founded to manufacture graphophones, and his instrument became famous as a dictation machine in 1888 AD, and Bell used the proceeds to establish the Volta Bureau.

With this amount of comprehensive information, we have come to the end of this article, which was titled Who is the inventor of the telephone, and we have attached in its lines scientists who were credited with inventing the telephone, the reason for the invention of the telephone and other inventions of Graham Bell, and the importance of the invention of the telephone, and at the end of the article, we talked about Bell's achievements To enlighten the minds of our dear readers and surround them with all aspects of this subject.