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Where was the first world map found?

Where was the first world map found? Cartographers were interested in clarifying the landmarks on the globe and drawing all its parts on their maps. Al-Idrisi drew the first map of the world and it was adopted globally. Through the reference site, we will talk in this article about what is meant by the map, the story of drawing the first map in the world, and the place where the first was found a map.

What does the map mean?

A map is defined as a picture of the shape and shape of the Earth or part of it. There are many types of maps, including the following:

  • Political maps: which distinguish each country from the other.
  • Economic maps: These maps are concerned with identifying areas in which economic wealth and activities are located.
  • Topographic maps: These are concerned with representing the Earth's surface, including mountains, plains, plateaus, hills, and valleys.
  • Human maps: These are maps that are concerned with the distribution of population on the surface of the earth, and show areas of population density.
  • Climatic maps: These are maps that are concerned with prevailing climatic phenomena, such as the distribution of heat, rain, humidity, wind directions, and atmospheric pressure.

Where was the first world map found?

The first world map was found in the city of Palermo, where Al-Idrisi had settled there after he finished his exploration tour around the world to draw the map for the world, by order of King Roger II of Sicily, which lasted for fifteen whole years, so that his map became the first used map in the world.

The story of drawing the world's first map

The Sicilian King Roger II ordered the Muslim historian Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Idris, who is known as Sharif Al-Idrisi, to make his trips to draw a map of the world, as he gave him the money necessary for his travel, so that Al-Idrisi began his transfer in the year 1138 AD, until the year 1153 AD, meaning that the trip It took 15 years to draw a map of the world. Al-Idrisi arrived in the city of Palermo and settled there, and from there Al-Idrisi published the first map of the world.

What was the world's first map?

The map drawn by Al-Idrisi was characterized by extreme accuracy because he relied on drawing this map on the latitude and longitude, as he was afraid of getting lost in drawing the map, so he divided it into seven equal orbital parts. With the current map-drawing, this map has been universally approved as the first map of the world, found in Palermo.

Who is the first to draw maps in Egypt

Ptolemy is considered the first to be interested in cartography in Egypt, where the history of cartography dates back to the pre-writing and codification period. Who documented a map in the world, while Ptolemy is the first to draw maps in Egypt.