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What is the origin of the universe?

What is the origin of the universe?, philosophy, ancient and modern, played a very important role in explaining life and determining the means through which man can attain true knowledge, and despite that, a large group of people still do not trust what philosophy offers, although what is It was harvested from recent scientific discoveries that confirm the sincerity of philosophers in what has been proposed in several areas of human knowledge, and among what has been proposed philosophically is the origin of the universe, is it material or moral? Therefore, through the reference site, we will address that subtraction in detail.

Is the origin of the universe material or moral an argumentative article?

The theories related to the origin of the universe and whether it is material or moral took two directions completely opposite to each other, where the first trend said that matter is the main component of the universe “material theory” and the second said that the senses “consciousness” are the main component of the universe “moral theory” and with regard to the correct of them The first must pay attention to what constitutes the human being, “the finest living being on the face of the earth”, where the human being consists of the mind “awareness - perception” and a large number of physical and chemical elements, such as what happens inside the mind from chemical neurological reactions, and life is not complete without one of them, for mind and matter are no less One of them is more important than the other, and accordingly we find that the origin of the universe is moral and material and it is not possible to limit the origin of the universe according to one theory from the above, and this is what modern philosophy has tended to.

There are philosophical trends several regarding the basic component of the universe.

When addressing whether the origin of the universe is material or moral, a dialectical article, it must be emphasized that the most important trends are the philosophical trend that says that matter is the basic component and that everything that exists within the universe is from several things, whether they are rational such as consciousness or material such as The beings that bear that consciousness are nothing but the results of several physical interactions, and the philosophers of this “idealistic” trend also believe that consciousness, perception and reason are cosmic realities of the second degree, subject to matter that is one of the first-class classified facts, for example the owners of that direction They believe that what happens in the nervous system and the brain of biochemistry is nothing but a phenomenon or a by-product accompanying many physical processes that without their presence these moral processes would not exist, and in this direction it was found that materialism is the basis for creating and determining consciousness and not the opposite, and some philosophers see according to these The theory is that water is the primary component of the universe.

Departments of physical theories

Materialist theories in general, according to what philosophical scholars have classified, are divided into three groups, as follows:

  • The first section: is simple materialism and was invented by the philosopher Empedocles, and in this section, the world is defined by limited elements such as the four main elements, which are air, fire, earth, and water.
  • The second section is metaphysical materialism, which is the tendency to examine the separate and isolated components of the world.
  • The second section: is dialectical materialism, or what is called the Hegelian dialectic, and in this section, the relationship of the dynamic components of the world to each other is examined.

The moral theory and the basic component of the universe

To explain whether the origin of the universe is material or moral, a dialectical article is necessary to address the presentation of the moral theory, and that theory states that the senses are the source of knowledge, meaning that consciousness, perception, and the mind are the first reality and materialities such as water, air, earth, and fire come after it as second facts, contrary to the previous theory “Materials” and that theory is specific to the sophists “σοφιστής”, and that means that the human senses are the main source and measure of knowledge, and the leader of the Sophists said regarding this trend that “man is a measure of everything” just as knowledge is a relative thing that changes by changing the individual and one of the most famous philosophers who said that is Gorgias and Protagoras.