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Lunar Eclipse The moon blocks the sun's rays

Lunar Eclipse The moon blocks the sun's rays, many astronomical phenomena occur in the universe that many people want to observe, especially astronomers, as they study these phenomena and know-how and when they occur, and the reference site will provide us with this article an explanation of one of these phenomena It is a lunar eclipse, and he will answer our question and explain to us what types of lunar eclipses are, as well as what are the expected dates for the eclipse in 2022.

Lunar Eclipse The moon blocks the sun's rays

A lunar eclipse is one of the cosmic phenomena that occur when the sun, earth and moon are in a straight line, and the earth is in the middle, where its shadow falls on the moon. In order for the Earth, the sun and the moon to return to their natural positions, and from the above we conclude that the answer to our question is:

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What are the types of lunar eclipses?

There are three types of eclipses, and they differ according to the location of the Earth’s shadow in relation to the moon, which are the total eclipse, the partial eclipse, and the linear eclipse called the semi-shadow eclipse. The moon is a bright red color, and the appearance of the moon in this color in the past frightened people and they could not understand the reason for this phenomenon

Lunar eclipse dates for 2022

The total lunar eclipse will occur in 2022 during the fifteenth and sixteenth of May, and it will be clearly visible in South and North America, in Europe, Africa and parts of Asia, and the date of the second total lunar eclipse will be on the eighth of November, and it will be partially visible in Asia and Australia. North America and parts of northern Eastern Europe, and NASA keeps the dates of the lunar eclipse until the year 2100, and it also keeps all the eclipse data in the past, and according to it, the Earth will witness about 228 lunar eclipses during the twenty-first century.

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we have answered our question Lunar Eclipse The moon blocks the sun's rays and we have provided a detailed explanation of the phenomenon of lunar eclipses, how they occur and what are their types, as well as the dates of the eclipse in 2022, according to the SANA space agency.