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Compass to determine directions on Earth

the man began drawing maps since the year 8000, but these drawings were developed and scientists named them cartography, and this science spread widely in Greece, where it was known that the earth is spherical in shape and the beginning of the history of the map was formed when it was People draw caves and rock carvings, and through the reference site , we will talk in this article about what is meant by maps and their types, in addition to their elements.

What is meant by maps?

Maps are a visual representation of an entire area. Where they are drawn and represented on a flat surface and the advantages of this region, its terrain, cities, and capital are explained on it, and there are many types of maps on which regions and countries are represented, where there are two-dimensional and three-dimensional maps.

Compass to determine directions on Earth

Several indicators are indicating the four main directions north, south, west, and east, as well as secondary directions, and often on the map there is an arrow decree showing the direction of the north, and therefore the answer to the previous question is:

  • The statement is correct.

Map types

There are many types of maps, as each type of map has a name that applies to the details and dimensions provided by the map. These types include the following:

  • Political map: This map shows the country and national boundaries of the place.
  • Physical Map: The physical map shows the most important physical features of a place, such as rivers, mountains, and forests, and shows them in different colors.
  • Topographic map: This map shows all variations in altitude, latitude, and natural variations through contour lines.
  • Climatic map: It shows information related to the climate and meteorological observations of the regions.
  • Resource map: The resource map shows the most important resources in the region, as well as the type of crops that are grown and the most important minerals present.
  • Road Map: This type of map shows highways and all railways in the area.

Map Elements

Maps are the important means that help explain the spatial relationship and geographical data of a particular place, and many basic elements must be included in the creation of types of maps, and the map contains several elements, including:

  1. the frame.
  2. Map address.
  3. map scale.
  4. North Arrow.
  5. map key.
  6. Icons and signs.

And here we have come to the end of our article after we answered the question, the direction of the map is the indicator that shows the direction of the north,  where we got acquainted with the maps, their meaning and their types, as well as the elements of the map.